Human Body Facts

I have collected the most amazing and surprising facts of the human body. The brain is the most important part of the human body so the after reading the brain facts in my human body facts post you learn a lot from them.

Brain Facts

Percentage of total cerebral cortex volume = frontal lobe 41%, temporal lobe 22%, parietal lobe 19%, occipital lobe 18%.

Boredom. Humans have an innate curiosity, but when they have a lack of stimulation, boredom sets in.

People who ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of having a blood clot in the brain.

The human brain weighs on average three pounds, or 1.5 kg.

The neocortex (a section of the brain involved with language and consciousness) accounts for about 76% of the mass of the human brain. Human neocortex is much larger than any animals. It gives humans unique mental capacities although its brain architecture is similar to that of more primitive species.

Your brain is 80% water.

Your brain is move active and thinks more at night than during the day.

Body Facts

41% of women apply body or hand moisturizer a minimum three times a day.
The aorta, which is largest artery located in the body, is about the diameter of a garden hose.
Every hour one billion cells in the body must be replaced.
Approximately 25% of all scald burns to children are from hot tap water and is associated with more deaths than with any other liquid.
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Heart Facts

At rest, your heart beats approximately 60 to 100 times a minute. A child’s heart rate is higher than an adults heart rate. In an average lifetime, a heart will beat around 3 billion times.

I am really surprised after reading these heart facts. So i wish to share this knowledge with my fellows and all with you.

Neuroscientists have discovered that the heart has its own independent nervous system which is referred to as “the brain in the heart”.

The structure of the heart was first described in 1706, by Raymond de Viessens, a French anatomy professor.

Olive oil can help in lowering cholesterol levels and decreasing the risk of heart complications.

At one time it was thought that the heart controlled a person’s emotions.

In one day your heart beats 100,000 times.

For humans the normal pulse is 70 heartbeats per minute.

Smokers are up to six times more likely than nonsmokers to suffer a heart attack.

Keeping track of your heart health means you have to focus on some numbers.

Two main reasons people have heart disease are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Nearly 68 million American adults have high blood pressure but one in two doesn’t have it under control.

During an average lifetime, the heart will pump nearly 1.5 million gallons of blood — enough to fill 200 train tank cars.

Heart is the first organ to begin functioning in the fetus
Heart disease is the number one killer in the US

I have collected the most amazing heart facts in the world. Read my best collection share with others and spread this amazing knowledge.

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25 Amazing Human Facts

  1. There are as many hairs per square inch on your body as a chimpanzee. Humans are not quite the naked apes that we’re made out to be. We have lots of hair, but on most of us it’s not obvious as a majority of the hairs are too fine or light to be seen.
  2. I have search the world’s best collection of Amazing Human Facts which make you surprise. I have created this blog for those who love to study the amazing things about the human body. I am pretty sure that everyone love this collection.
  3. EARS: Earwax has an unpleasant smell to discourage insects from crawling into the auditory canal.
  4. EARS: Ears can detect 1,500 different tones, and 350 degrees of loudness.
  5. Johnny Plessey batted .331 for the Cleveland Spiders in 1891, even though he spent the entire season batting with a rolled-up, lacquered copy of the Toledo Post-Dispatch.
  6. Manatees possess vocal chords which give them the ability to speak like humans, but don’t do so because they have no ears with which to hear the sound.
  7. Polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting.
  8. A cat’s purr has the same romance-enhancing frequency as the voice of singer Barry White.
  9. Humans can emit about 14 seconds per second, while isolated parts of the speech apparatus, like tongue, lips, jaws and others cannot execute more than 2 movements per second.
  10. Many ape individuals, of bonobo, chimps, gorillas or orangutans have been taught human sign languages or to manage graphic or computer symbols. Some can learn up to 1,000 words (up to 40 new words daily), but their temporal consciousness is null. Thus, in the end, it is all about brain capacities…
  11. The study of the iris of the eye is called iridology.
  12. When i read these Amazing human facts specially the human eye facts it surprise me a lot. Now i have a great interest to read the human  facts.
  13. The shark cornea has been used in eye surgery, since its cornea is similar to a human cornea.
  14. The number one cause of blindness in adults in the United States is diabetes.
  15. In one square inch of skin there are four yards of nerve fibers, 600 pain sensors, 1300 nerve cells, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors, 75 pressure sensors, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells, and 3 yards of blood vessels.
  16. The brain changes shapes during puberty: Your teenage years do more than just change how you feel; the very structure of your brain changes during the teen years, and it even affects impulsive, risky behavior.
  17. Your brain can store everything: Technically, your brain has the capacity to store everything you experience, see, read or hear. However, the real issue is recall — whether you can access that information.
  18. A full bladder is about the size of a soft ball: When your bladder is full, holding up to 800 cc of fluid, it is large enough to be noticeable.
  19. You probably pass gas 14 times a day: On average, you will expel flatulence several times as part of digestion.
  20. Women blink twice as many times as men do.
  21. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
  22. 10 percent of all human beings ever born are alive at this very moment.
  23. Under the right conditions the eye can discern candle light at a distance of 14 miles
  24. 30,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells while you read this web page
  25. The smallest bone found in the human body is located in the middle ear. The staples (or stirrup) bone is only 2.8 millimetres long.
  26. The smallest bone found in the human body is located in the middle ear. The staples (or stirrup) bone is only 2.8 millimetres long.
  27. About 1,700 quarts or 1,600 liters of blood pass through a person’s kidneys each day
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